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Arnaud Andres
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Arnaud Andres When I'm listening this record, it's like I lived in Florida! Unfortunately I live in the mustard city, gold coast, France. But after all, I'm glad cause there is Massaw in this city! Favorite track: Walter Sobchak.
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Saturnin I like MASSAW, because they make us dance like crazy people each gig ! Our world becomes a pool of pure sweat, and we assist to a love demonstration, towards our city and our friends. Keep the amazing work up ! Favorite track: Irving Blitzer.
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Instruments recorded live in 1 day by Frederic Hillon @ Local Quetoch & Oldschool Records
Vocals recorded in 1 day by Félix Mulet @ STA Dijon
Mixed and Mastered by Frederic Hillon @ his house

Charly - Bass / Vocals
Etienne - Guitar / Vocals
Arnaud - Drums
Matthieu - Guitar / Vocals

You can buy this album in CD at :

Bad Wolf Records - France
Culture Famine - Switzerland

Thanks to all our friends and families, the bands we heard, the venues where we played... For some of us it's our first production and we are very proud of it.
Thanks to all of you ! you are, somehow, in this Album. Enjoy and come to say hello !

Thanks to Antoine Massot, of course. And Special Thanks to Fred, Felix, Romain, Teddy, Arthur, Arnaud Bad Wold, Melissa, Arnaud Bagel, Benoit, Alice, Emilie, All the Culture Famine's Family, All the Water Mane's Family, all the bands with we played, all the people had help us.


released May 9, 2016



all rights reserved


MASSAW Dijon, France

Derrière une décontraction légendaire et une flemme de façade, se cache en fait un projet qui cherche à prouver qu' être un éternel second rôle n'est pas une si mauvaise chose. Avec un sens aiguisé de la mélodie et de solides influences, les quatre gars de Massaw balancent un mix entre Latterman et Uncommonmenfrommars.

Bio par Bad Wolf Records
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Track Name: Frank McCallister
Give me something to fear
Give me something to hear
Give me something to learn everyday.
Give me something to say
Give me something to give.
Give me something give me everything.

Trying to live
When darkness appear in front of your home
To see à better face
Smiling like a defense, my dear dropouts

All is so simple when all is well.
Escape the accidents.

A "better day" (sure) we need it.
A map to the gate.
The same key despite our differences.
We are the sons of fear.
But we all have the same skills

We are rich and cold
We are poor and loud.
Track Name: Andy Bernard
So often busy
I forget to breathe
A tie as a Friend
The glory as reward

We lived front of a wall
And we had no ladder
Our dreams on the other side
Our scars like only ground

Break the chains and
Break the plans
Assert himself deep inside
Will remind this every time

Well its life, fucking life

Untie the blows
Rise up glasses
And cheers to our memories
Track Name: Georges Wilson
I say to an angel
Show me what to do
Answered my questions
Your words are my remedy

Inaccecible in the depth of your eyes
You awaken me, you have saved me
My heart is spinning

To carry on, it's to difficult to carry on
Track Name: Walter Sobchak
What if we started with this fear?
About try to go ahead
We probably lose some memories
But we will face another days

Harsh scars will be forgotten
As dying childhood's dreams
An endless, meaningless circle
A deep desire to running away

We breaking our plans.
We have nothing to hide
We enjoy this life, before decline.
I thought sometimes we cry.

You wasted our time, you changed our mind
And the ones we love, are those who are mad
We dug our grave, we smell our ashes
Cause we fear the end! Yes we fear the end!
There is no more reason, no more seasons
The means of existence has become shit
In the end our hearts weeps silently

Can't we stop this stupid game?
We close our eyes and dance away
Would you really start this way?
This world is a bane for our ears
Track Name: Leland Stottlemeyer
And it'ss the price to pay
Somewhere a girl cry in silence, her stolen life.
The choices rushed toward her
Love becomes hate
Forced to face at 'the' sentence feeling.

You will be reborn
Your pain will makes you strong.
You will learn to love again and see in front of you
A long way out, a long way out
Track Name: Ian Malcolm
Hey Listen !
Track Name: Lotney Fratelli
We're living today
To get through our fears,

Almost every second that we’re feeling alive
Sailing on this spooky sea of life
We do not dread those times
Facing tests, standup right
But we will grow old
Step by step toward death

We're living today
To get through our fears,
Track Name: Irving Blitzer
I've been there
I've been there
All the pain, all the sprains
remind me the getaway

I've been there
I've been there
Crawling down to a place i'd rather be
Facing fears on the path of liberty

I need à place, I need a chance to meet my friends
Celebrate all the things that will remain
Chairs are empty until we sing our last breath
Good memories, always stays in our veins

I've been there.....