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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Frederic Hillon @ Local Quetoch & Oldschool Records

All songs by MASSAW
Lyrics written by Charly
Cover artwork by Etienne

Charly - Bass / Vocals
Etienne - Guitar / Vocals
Arnaud - Drums
Matthieu - Guitar / Vocals

Label Info :

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released June 10, 2019


all rights reserved



MASSAW Dijon, France

Derrière une décontraction légendaire et une flemme de façade, se cache en fait un projet qui cherche à prouver qu' être un éternel second rôle n'est pas une si mauvaise chose. Avec un sens aiguisé de la mélodie et de solides influences, les quatre gars de Massaw balancent un mix entre Latterman et Uncommonmenfrommars.

Bio par Bad Wolf Records
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Track Name: Jenny
Let us singing far from you / Louder, I don't hear !
let us appreciate this rusty cage !
leave us our infailling shyness / Empty are your faces
let us play as if it was the last time !

the emptiness is in front of you there is no reason to fall
when the questions are unanswered, learn to accept it

let us see your boundaries / help us feel alive !
listen to what make tears your chests, your heads, your dreams every nights.

we are so far from being different
let us finally see who you really are !

the emptiness is in front of you there is no reason to fall
when the questions are unanswered learn to live with it
Track Name: Aurora
Our scars piss us off, as bitter reward well deserved
simple and rough like a black out piece of paper
An endless ricochet,
nobody special, nothing, pushes us to stand,
in fact we have lost the reasons!

no fairytales! don't bring us another dreams!
yes we gave up! don't bring us another dreams,
no celebration! no sad way at the horizon,
yes we feel empty... so bring us another dreams!

a permanent questioning,
on the slightest facts and postures
(on any chosen word,)
on every broken heart
Vanished like dust and dirt
If each feeling is a star,
Too far to reach them, but so bright when nights falls
Then we’ll continue to sleep !

no fairytales ! don't bring us another dreams !
yes we gave up! don't bring us another dreams,
no celebration! Sad way is the horizon,
yes we feel empty... so bring us another dreams!
Track Name: Dulcibella
Nothing to celebrate
nothing is great
nothing deserves to be sing
fuck all the selfish guys behind their barricades
nothing animates me
and there is no friendship

daily distrust, hatred from a stranger
how can a reflection lead to so much aberration
Fucking cramped brain
and there is no friendship

Have Faith to few things, You will be less disappointed, You will avoid the torments of our current life, But we do not have to complain, They said this on TV

play machine guns everyday., ko
don’t worry of consequences

look at the world around you
our empathy will saved us
Track Name: Henrietta
A heart so young, broken
in view of a clear life line
so unfairly imposed it left me here
alone with a fridge full of beer
and an empty chair
after three pints everything was fine until

I fell apart
I fell apart
My dead body
sinking in the sand
I fell apart
I fell apart

From the hole in my heart
to the deepest hell
into million pieces

a heading, for your empty diary
an additional nightmare
for the rest of my nights.
,I followed the white light,
I ran until falling to the ground,
devoid of gods
until their hands calm me down
my friends comforted me
They're always here
Track Name: Belafonte
Waking up is getting harder
nothing attractive
in those bleak worlds
brighters and colds

we let ourselves grow old
a passive life
no ethical sense
no action force

But in the end it will gets better
We will face those looks with our chests out
They were wrong

useless accessories
Their sleazy thoughts against us // we reject this society // cause we're not the biggest mistake //

So we try, We exist, We persist
And will destroy those depressed cities

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